About Us


Inglewood is forty-five kilometres north-west of Bendigo and Inglewood Primary School is situated within the historic township area. The original school was built in 1870 and was both a primary and secondary school until 1982, when it reverted to being a primary school.

Our School Values are ‘Respect Yourself’, ‘Respect Others’ and ‘Respect the Environment’. These values frame the expectations of students, staff and the parent community at Inglewood Primary School.

The core values which underpin our purpose and are the guiding principles of our school are:

  • Respect
  • Achievement
  • Community

Inglewood Primary School provides a range of learning opportunities for a diverse student population. The school reflects a medium/low socio-economic profile. Inglewood is in the Loddon Shire. School fees are minimal and through Equity Funding and funds raised by Parents & Friends, the school subsidises the cost of camps, excursions and extra-curricular activities so they are affordable for all students. Parents have high aspirations for their children and enthusiastically support school programs and fund-raising activities.

Inglewood Primary School offers a broad curriculum for its students with an explicit focus on Literacy and Numeracy. It is the school's goal to have every child achieve their potential through the provision of high quality teaching practices. Evidence of this is the refining of instructional teaching models for reading, writing and mathematics. The same model applies across the school and provides a clear framework for high level pedagogical practice in every classroom. Every child should leave the school with self-confidence and an appreciation that learning takes effort and input to community is important. While catering for all ability levels and learning styles, our main focus is on students being engaged, feeling safe and supported and achieving their best possible learning outcomes.

In 2021 we continued to implement our 2020-2023 School Strategic Plan, with a focus on literacy, numeracy, student well-being, voice & agency. The school was organized into three home group classes; a Prep-1, a Grade 2/3 and a Grade 4/5/6. School staff included a Principal, 2.6 EFT classroom teachers, a part-time Indonesian teacher (0.1 EFT) and a part-time office manager (0.4 EFT). The school was visited fortnightly by the MARC Van. We also had a Chaplain two days/week, funded through the National Schools Chaplaincy Program.

The school was also accepted into the Primary Maths Initiative, which provided a 0.5 EFT Maths Specialist to build teacher and school capacity in numeracy teaching, planning and assessment.