Our three classrooms are all in the original school building. Our classroom are open, well lit and roomy spaces that provide a range of learning spaces. We use a number of breakout learning areas in the school for individual or small group sessions.

Our school has recently been repainted internally, new carpets installed and all new classroom furniture for students has been purchased in 2023.

Our staffroom doubles as a kitchen area for fortnightly cooking lessons and is also where Brekky Club happens every Tuesday and Thursday morning.

We have a well-stocked Library area where students borrow from on a weekly basis. The old Kurting School building is used as out Art Room and instrumental lesson teaching space.

Over the last six months, under the guidance of Simone Cordell, the school veggie patch and other garden beds have become a hive vegetable and herb growing activity for the students. Flourishing crops mean picking carrots, beans, tomatoes, cucumbers etc is a daily event. Our veggie patch is a significant link to our fortnightly Cooking Program where we aim to teach students about the importance of eating a range of healthy options as well as developing their ability to cook and prepare meals and operate safely within a normal kitchen environment.

We have a full size, irrigated oval area and are currently constructing a $30,000 fitness track around the oval.

We have a large, modern adventure playground for all P-6 students. The playground is under shade sails and is used every day, all year round.

Shed spaces allow for efficient storage of sports equipment, yard maintenance equipment and general storage.